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Of all things why Bloom ?

As I got older, I became more and more fascinated with the idea

of "growth"; an inevitable human experience. For me, Bloom is a reminder of the promise of becoming. While the process differs for everyone due to external factors, I am a strong believer that the initial essence of our Bloom remain a unique representation of who we were always meant to be, the flower within; Whatever Rose, or Daisy, what ever wild flower that may be! 

From the very roots, our growth is continuous, it is seasonal and most of all worth every celebration. We're  Always in your season !

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FUN Facts 

Founder of Naika Bloom Events

"If I were to be named anything other;
it would be a kind of wildflower-                                                                                                                                "  



maverick planner, and the creative director and visionary behind Naika Bloom Events. I  have a keen sense for strategic planning, peculiar uniqueness, atmospheric aesthetics of chic elegance, and luxurious glamour for unforgettable event. I credit these skills as gifts from my "not so ordinary life" and key factors to my current work ethic.


there is no magic recipe for perfection. What set's us apart as a brand is the understanding of our clients needs and our distinct adaptability to who they are, while skillfully guiding them towards expressing that bloom; in color, texture, good vibes, great food and soul igniting music. 


The real reward of a good part-y is the part-ing of the host and guests truly happy. We promise things will go wrong; we assure you we have the team of experts to fix them and leave you with simply great memories even after hangovers haha!  

OUR Philosophy 

"The real reward of a good part-y is the part-ing of the host and guests truly happy. "



The Bloom team is founded on two principles:

1- Family is our founding operating team

2- Friends include our clients and trusted vendors. 

 Our little family is made of aspiring young adults in different walks of life, each skilled and trained to curate the most intricate details involving your event. Naïka celebrates the diversity of her team and encourages their creative input into her planning. This flexibility makes for a productive workflow and a flawless finish for event set ups.  Their support, efforts, and unconditional love for our brand is what makes us BLOOM.


 Love Our Team & Our Vendors  
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