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Booking & Services 

Are you a registered and insured company ?

YES! we are fully inssured and registered to provide clients with planning, designing and or coordinating services. Check out our work!

What is the best way to book your services?

A select few still prefer to chat on the phone and if so call us, we dont mind! However, our site consultation form works best for booking purposes.

I filled out the form now what?

Thanks for reaching out! 30 minutes after your inquiry, you'll get an email. Please answer those questions as thouroughly as possible and I will personally reach out soon after.


updated June 07 2022

Packages & Pricing

Are the prices on each package all inclusive?

NO. The prices reflected are the starting cost of "booking" and does not include taxes, party rentals, decor materials, travel fees, or any other costs details of your event may require.

Do you offer any discounts ?

In honor of my niece, we offer "Sarah's Gift" to pediatric nurses and some mental health workers. If you fit the criterias tell us during your consultation.

Do you charge taxes ? What if I am tax exempt ?

updated June 07 2022

We are based in New York and charge according to state sales taxes. Non-Profit Organizations can provide us their tax exempt forms via email AFTER booking.


Bloom Extras 

Can I book you for just Balloons?

Yes, while we strongly suggest you use our expertise to the fullest, you can book us for the little things too! Check out our Extra service page

How do we book for just a single service?

Go to our Consultation form and fill it out be sure to mark your category as a BX item.

What if I  booked an event package + a BX item?

You're right on the money! Book more, Save more when you ADD ON a BX item to any of our packages. But thats not all...

updated June 07 2022

Discount on BX
Package Questions

Party Rentals 

What are the items available for party rentals 

The List is enormous but we will try to cover it all here! ~FURNITURE: Adults & Kids. (chairs, dinner tables, picnic tables, portable bars, backdrop walls, pipes and frames, Props and more) ~CENTERPIECES: Color Varies. (candle holders, candelabras, flower stands and vases, custom pieces and more) ~LINENS: Shape, Size & Material Varies. ( tablecloths, table runners, overlays, and napkins and drapes. ~TABLEWARE: Color Varies. ( flatware utensils, drinkware glasses, plates, charger plates, placemats,

What is the Bloom Client Perks?

To show you how much we care, we gift ALL our clients: 40% OFF for 60 people or more 30% OFF for 50 people or less on our party rental items ONLY *based on availability of supply.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, because we travel, attend meetings, site visits and more. We charge an additional delivery fee based on current mileage to and from event location(s) gas and toll.


updated June 07 2022

Discount on Rentals
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Refund Policies 

Can I cancel my event if yes, do I get a refund?

Things happen, and we understand. You're welcome to cancel any services up to 1 month before an event date. In which case, partial payments made will be returned after payments for any non-refundable expenses are subtracted. ALL DEPOSITS are NON- REFUNDABLE.

What if I really have an emergency?

In case of extreme emergencies (death, illness and or acts of God) you're welcome to reschedule your event at the total cost of your payments and designs. We will place your package & funds on hold until a new date is confirmed.

How do I get a copy of my receipts/ contracts?

All Clients have access to our portal where you can store files, emails communications, payment receipts, contracts and moodboards.


updated June 07 2022

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